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Below you can read more about the 4S-model, a model we believe in, and you can take a look at some of the projects we have applied it to.

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Researching what is really going on. Where exactly is the problem located? Not only question and answer but experiencing together. The result of this phase is a clear and comprehensive problem definition that we will tackle in the next phase!

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Coming up together with a suitable strategy for you. We put together a squad that deals with the problem arising from the Sense phase. Creativity is flown in; we really push all ideas inward. In this phase nothing is wrong and “The Sky is the Limit!”. We will not rest until we have a strong approach and we put together a Plan of Action with clear tasks, roles and responsibilities.

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Getting to work; that is all that matters now. Go, go, go. Moving forward, meeting deadlines and booking results. We work with you, guide the process and push forward where necessary.

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You have achieved results. The plans have become reality and you have come to realise that it works. The real strength now lies in holding on to it. We help you with that. Because standstill is not an option. Together we will implement this, and we won’t leave until you and the organisation are able to keep it going on your own.


Agile is beautiful in its simplicity! But as an HRM professional, how are you going to make the switch to this philosophy? We believe in preparing yourself well, getting to know agile (and in this case Scrum) extensively, simply by doing. An exciting process where our expertise is fully utilised and where we contribute to the manoeuvrability of the people and the organisation!
“New colleague! And preferably a person who has the right skills and completely fits in the culture that we have established as Microlab.” The Disruptors guide the process! We zoom in on an experience. A tightly organised selection day is the ultimate climax of finding top talent. We focus on directing, executing, details and getting results in this Hiring Journey.
As a huge publishing house, how do you display who you really are? In a way that actually appeals to the right talents and that your target group can no longer ignore you? In collaboration with liveonthejob.com we create a pure image of the organisation, departments, roles and vacancies. We focus on the elements of Employee Experience which we convert into an Employee Value Proposition.
The Frontrunners of the NOCNSF have just as much energy as The Disruptors. They are at the forefront within the NOCNSF in terms of innovation and creativity, to give these themes a place in all major sports associations in the Netherlands (such as KNVB, KNLTB, KNWU). The Disruptors have created Design Thinking and The Heroes Journey. Two topics that contribute to innovation and creativity. An intensive day that literally made an impact at the KNVB only 1 week later! Because what you learn can already be put to action the following week.
A strong and clear vision for 2030 also prompted the Municipality of Valkenswaard to shape the Strategic HRM plan. After a very extensive research phase started with Design Thinking. Drew up an action plan together, that will shape 8 themes in 2019. Innovative, sometimes confrontational but above all pragmatic activities to get started with. The municipality of Valkenswaard embraces the Plan of Action, allowing HRM to pursue the 2030 vision with the organisation.
Strategic Personnel Planning contributes to achieving the goals of your organisation. The right talents at the right times at the right place … But where do you start? During a performance at the renewed Tivoli in Utrecht, we took the entire HRM team of the Public Prosecution Service to an experience that stimulated all the senses. Sound, film, text and emotion were transmitted in an oppressive and liberating workshop. After that we were able to immediately apply this experience in a work form with the theme Strategic Personnel Planning. Experiences and emotions last. Now convert them into action!
A scale up at the centre of Strijp! They are growing fast and want HRM to fit in the current times and to put WAES employees first. We help out by setting up the HRM Architecture from scratch. That is how we develop a feedback game based on gamification, introduce an onboarding process and supervise everything as a Scrum master. We contribute to the future of WAES. According to WAES, ‘they could totally kiss us!’.
What do you do if you want to achieve rejuvenation, creativity and results? You call The Disruptors and they create a concept that matches exactly that. Above formative (what? – is that even possible?), we hire three Superheroes! These Superheroes are responsible for creating and finding work, for achieving results and for added value. A surprise to the organisation, a powerful initiative to start thinking differently about the occupation. We were responsible for coordination, supervision of the Superheroes and implementation. And of course, the Superheroes have travelled through a Hiring Journey (see also project Microlab).
Sometimes an organisation needs temporary force. Achmea and Renewi have asked us to deliver that temporary force. We help out with HRM themes such as change, recruitment, HR Cycles – and we do this Disruptor Style.