Heroes Journey The Disruptors pijl

Bram and Kai. Two boys from Eindhoven, one slightly younger than the other. Educated in HRM and always working hard to help their boss with the best possible HR service that ever existed. Everything according to the book; because that’s how they were taught at school.

Bram and Kai met at Yacht and often had discussions about the HRM profession. During one of those conversations, this time about the disadvantages of the assessment cycle, they realised that HRM as we know it now has fulfilled its purpose but that it has also had its time… This is it; things have to change!

At the same time, they realised that the subjects were bigger than themselves in their tiny little world. They felt like David against Goliath, as the underdog against the ‘big bad guy’. As Don Quixote on his little donkey…

But then the comparison with the world of superheroes was brought to the table… Defeating evil like Batman does in Gotham-City. They knew right then and there that they themselves were the key to change. But how? And where to begin? How do you go from discussion to actions?

They needed help. And more insight. And that is literally how their journey began. They travelled through the entire country of the Netherlands looking for answers. Visited inspiring and innovative organisations. And while on the road, they read many books by inspiring people and their stories, such as Ricardo Semler, Simon Sinek, Laszlo Bock, Daniel Pink, John Kotter, Frederic Laloux, Jan Bommerez, Wouter Hart and many others.

All conversations and insights have convinced them that they had to take a leap of faith. Starting their own organisation with as its main motive helping organisations shape HRM in a different way. This organisation had to become an embodiment of their superhero battle against evil; the traditional HRM.

The start was made, they settled in Microlab at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. It started to take shape. The first assignment was a huge one right of the bet and that is when the first real employee Marnik became employed! That was a real milestone. However… With the growth and opportunism that comes with it, the first obstacles also arose … The most frequently asked question from the outside world: “What is it that you guys do exactly?”

What exactly was the core of the organisation? That question remained dormant; is it consulting? Is it HR advice? Is it inspiration? Is it focused on profit? Is it aimed at non-profit? Are they really still just a few freelancers who do some fun projects under a different name? How is time being distributed? And what about revenues? What are The Disruptors anyways? How are we going to make the most impact?

By organising the own disruption as critical business coaches, the answers to their questions slowly surfaced. This process came with tears, laughter and it most of all led to enormous strength to continue. The Disruptors hit rock bottom, found their strength and pursued. They are getting stronger every day and the covenant has gotten a new shape.

This entire journey was not an easy one… but it was necessary for everyone to help them realise why they do it. This has strengthened The Disruptors’ right to exist. And that only increases their urge to improve the world. As we speak, the assignments are rolling in, we are making an impact at customers that we dreamed of and we have expanded to a team of 7 Disruptors.

We know who we are, we know what we can. But even more important: we believe in what we do! Are you with us?